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August 2015


Entrepreneurship: 8 Questions to Ask Yourself Before You Jump

Hello world. Sooooo, for my very first blog post, I figured this was a great topic to start with. It’s kinda like…what you need to know before the beginning.


How do you know if you got what it takes to be an entrepreneur? I read somewhere that it’s when you love and live for the tides, thrill and torture of your life being pretty damn amazing and pretty f–ked up at the same time. Not knowing whether you will sink or swim in the ocean when you can’t see the shore but you still jump in anyways, pressing forward. Kinda psychotic, I know. But guess what? I agree 1000%, because that’s exactly what it takes. It takes real risk, but you get to write the end of that story. That’s my definition of badassery!


When you think about it, the pursuit of an entrepreneurial venture is a lot like becoming a parent. If you have a kid or kids, then this will hit home with you. Besides preparing emotionally and financially, you have to be committed to your startup until it is mature enough to run on its own, much like your kid learning to walk or potty training. And even after reaching that point, a business will always need you in some capacity (just like a child), no matter how old it gets. Haha, the irony of it all, right? 🙂 Continue Reading