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November 2015

Wantreprenuer or Entrepreneur
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Are you a Wantrepreneur or an Entrepreneur?

Gone are the days when the only path to success includes going to college, getting a degree, landing a job at a prestigious multinational company, and climbing up the corporate ladder. In these current times, the uncertainty around job security is driving more people to try their hands at starting their own business in hopes of achieving financial freedom. But while everyone is after success entrepreneurship, only a few actually earn it.

There’s a huge difference between an entrepreneur and wantrepreneur, which basically refers to a person who ventures into entrepreneurship but fall short of their goals. Someone who “is going” start a business. Someone who is waiting for the “perfect time” to start. Someone who “will find the right idea some day!”  Someone who wants to “act” like an entrepreneur, a “wannabe”.  Someone who “thinks about starting a business” all the time. Ha!

Let’s take a closer look at the differences between the wannabes and real entrepreneurs. Which one describes you?


1: Wishful Thinking vs. Getting Started

When it comes down to it, you can only bring a business idea to life by taking action. Let’s face it, progress is only made if you roll up your sleeves and actually do something because there’s no getting around hard work. There’s a fine line between wishful thinking, dreaming and having an achievable goal, and that’s what separates real entrepreneurs and the wannabes.

Wantrepreneurs read a lot of books, talk and plan all day, but they never really get started on anything worth noting. On the other hand, real entrepreneurs set clear-cut and attainable goals and then do what they say they’re going to do. So, whether you have to save money to raise capital, research a target market, compile a business plan, lease office space, or ship supplies, entrepreneurs just do it.


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