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April 2016


10 No Regrets Ways To Make Your Small Business Look Big Time

Remember when you were young and you had to face off the school bully by pretending to be brave? That did the trick, didn’t it? It got the bully to back down and earned you the respect of your playground mates. Yessss, it works. (Well, most of the time). The funny thing is, when you fast forward 20 years, the same concept applies in the business world. Touche, right?

Making your business look big when you’re actually a struggling up-comer will provide you with increased credibility in the eyes of consumers and therefore give you the opening you need to grow your business. The only problem, however, is how to go about making your business look big without running the risk of consumers getting wind of your bluff. Ha!

There are heaps of “fake it until you make it” charlatans around, but this post isn’t about becoming a conman, LOL. It’s basically a roundup of 10 safe and successful tactics you can use to make your business appear bigger than it really is when you already have the proper processes and products in place. I applied several of these tactics when I was a budding entrepreneur which helped me grow the You! Lingerie brand to where it is today, one of the leading brands of nursing and maternity intimates world wide.


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