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February 2017


My Interview on the ‘Behind the Seams’ Series on Fashion Riot

Happy 2017 bossbabes! It’s been a hot minute since I updated my blog ….but life happens when you are super busy running and building an empire with 2 business babies (You! Lingerie & Preggo Leggings), adding 2 new ones (more to come on this), mommy’ing 2 real life littles and being wifey to my biggest chairleader. So what can I say? 🙂 But I plan to do better this year by posting new content twice a month. So stay locked and make sure you subscribe to my newsletter so you don’t miss a beat.

Last month, I was interviewed by Sabina Hitchen for the first ever “Behind The Seams” series feature on Fashion Riot, a  fab online fashion magazine. Definitely a great way to kick off 2017 as I shared some good nuggets about my startups, the journey, what inspires me, challenges I faced, work life balance and how I keep it all together.

This interview was originally posted on The Fashion Riot. Sabina is one of my favs, a PR manager, the coolest media expert, owner of Sabina Knows and Press for Success. You should look her up, she’s pretty dope!

Enjoy the read!


An Introduction to the Behind the Seams Interview Series…

The fashion industry is no doubt glamorous – from the catwalks to the apparel that graces the glossy pages of magazines to the well-dressed bodies of Hollywood’s finest – but in my opinion, the stories about what must happen in order to get to those moments is much more interesting, and we’re going to tell it! Often, just as beautiful and inspiring as the apparel they create, are the stories of the businesses and entrepreneurs behind then, and in this interview series, we’ll share them with you. You’ll get to know designers, hear what inspires them, empowers them, and even scares and challenges them. It’s my hope that the insight into their passion, perseverance and dedication they share in these interviews ignites the same feelings in you.

Let’s face it: Social media doesn’t tell the whole story. Sure, it’s glamorous, but when we talk about the real story – as designers in this series will – you’ll learn more about what’s happening behind-the-scenes and seams with some of the fashion industries best and brightest.

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